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This week I attended at The Intec User Group Conference (EMEA) at Barcelona. This conference took place at the fantastic Grand Marina Hotel. Near the Mediterranean sea and with a marvellous weather, the sun, the organization and the Intec people offered to the users two fantastic days to talk, to ask and to know more about Singl.eView and other products offered by Intec. And to relax a little, why not?

The conference started with a panel of high level discussions about the Strategic Developments in European Telco’s. In this Ben Bannister remember to all the attendants the necessity to be in compliance with the laws related to data retention and also to report following the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Specification) and take in account that, depending on the specific country rules, our company can be affected for the legislation. In fact, during the product roadmap and the presentation of the new capabilities of Singl.eView CB v6.01 they have shown that they had taken this is mind.

The first evening the conference was split in three streams
- Wholesale & Settlements (Intec Interconnect)
- Charging and Billing (Intec Convergent Billing)
- Network (Intec Mediation and Intec Activation)

In the billing stream it can be remarked the conferences about the new capabilities of the Singl.eView version 6.01 and 7.00, the session about the top ten best operational practices, the session about Performance (with Gerry Carty one the Singl.eView genius) and a surprising lesson about the Collaborative Test Model. I will try to summarize some of this sessions in the next posts.

The coffee breaks and the launch were great opportunities to meet users of Singl.eView from different countries, to ask directly to the experts and to attend to the solutions showcase (in which you can see live demonstrations of some products).

The Intec Users Group (an association of users) had one of their representatives at the conference. This confirmed to us that there isn’t representation at this group of Singl.eView product. I personally think that it could be very interesting to have direct representation at this community. This group performs twice a year two meetings with the managers of Intec to talk about the problems, necessities and to help to establish the guidelines or the road map in most of Intec Products (except Singl.eView). I would to know your opinions about this and I encourage to you to post something.

In summary were two nice days, although perhaps there was some lack of technical sessions. Perhaps Intec will think in this for next sessions.



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