New features on version 6.01

In the European User group conference Intec has announced some new functionalities in Singl.eView 6.01. These are some of them:

o CM – The enhancements in the CM (customer management) module in Singl.eView reduce the cost of order entry and customer care; improve the way in which the csr´s work and diminish the time to create a new product to a customer node. They have improved the screen layouts to becoming also more users friendly.

o Scheduler enhancements – The scheduler add interesting new functionalities. First the Singl.eView developers have added a graphic view to see how all the pending tasks are “scheduled” in time. They had also added a Gant view giving to the scheduler an interesting “flavour” of Microsoft Project. The new layout allows the possibility to have, in a look, an idea of how the system will be working in the next days. It will help to find the days and hours in which the system can be overloaded and when our system is working under its possibilities.

o In the 6.01 version also exists the possibility to add dependencies between tasks, in a way that one task can be waiting for another task until this finish. The tasks can be based in different task types.

o Sub day granularity. Sure this is one of the most relevant new functionality. Now, it exist the possibility to activate, cancel and update products and services using day and hours. This change also has associate the modification of how the prorated tariffs work. Up the version 6.01 the minimum unit to prorate is the day. From the version 6.01 you can pro rate until the second. It exist the possibility to round the duration of an event for backward compatibility.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Author,
This is a nice page and I really appreciate your afforts to put it in. It has good info. I think it can be made more interesting by putting many more such good article about Performance issues/resolutions, More Best Practices, knowledge sharing topics and some inherent features of SingleView e.g. hoe to find the licese expiry date in SV instance etc. I am also from SV world and may be put in my 2p contribution here. - Manish

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is really a great effort from you.Can you explain me how singl.eview installation is done.I will definatly post my best practices ,issues encountered in this blog.
-Aravind Rangaraju


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