Is it possible to have a product active with all the services cancelled?

The answer it must be no, and if this happen this is an error, but yes it’s possible. How? Try this. Suppose that you have a product with two services . Suppose that from the GUI you cancel one of these services. No problem, there are one service active, and then the product remains active. If now you want to cancel the other with the same date that the first before you obtain one error saying that the service can’t be cancelled. This is ok. You can´t cancel the service because is the last active service in the product. You have to cancel the whole product. But what happens if you cancel the service the day before you have cancelled the first? This day the service isn’t the last service active in the product, and then you can cancel it. The system don’t gives you any error message, but this have a collateral damage, the next day now you have all the services cancelled and the product active.

This error was found using the version



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Very good tip. It explains a lot of errors that causes bill run errors.


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