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Hi all again.

Recently one reader of this blog (one that it isn’t one of my colleagues, one of my friends, or one of my family) ask to me why I don’t update this blog frequently. Well, there were several reasons, but one of them was very clear; it seemed to me that no one was interested in this blog. But after this comment I understand that, at least, one person was following this blog. This entry is dedicated to this reader. THANK YOU for your comment.

What I have done today that could be interested for this blog? Today in the morning the service desk sent me the following error

“E12118> Tuxedo error 5500 occurred. Tuxedo error message, Internal error occurred in file prodinst_complete.cc at line 2394. “

This error was produced when the provisioning system was trying to create a new product instance in the system. The product instances in our system are created by an EAI (a middleware between the CRM (not Singl.eView) and the billing system (Singl.eView)). This EAI is coded in JAVA and create these instances using the JAVA API. The error appeared when the EAI was trying to “complete” a product instance after the creation of this and after the services were added to this instance. This only was happening when it was trying to create some instances of some product type.
After some tests (including creating the product instance using the Singl.eView GUI) I identified that the problem was derived for a problem in the database. The definition of the product in the database had one error. In the product_service_type table (the table that has the service types that are included in the product definition) the service_item_seqnr wasn’t consecutive. There was a hole in the sequence. One row for this product had been deleted. This was the origin of the problem.
I tested also, that the same problem it could happen if some of the service_range_seqnr was duplicated for the product.
Then, if you obtain this error remember review the service_range_seqnr field for the product type and for the companion products that you were trying to complete. It can’t be holes and it can’t be duplicated.

How to fix this? Very clear and very dangerouos. You have to fix the sequence in the service_range_seqnr…but warning ! This field is replicated in the product_instance_service table, then if you have yet several instances of this kind of product created, you can´t change the service_range_seqnr that are in this table for this instances.

I hope I had been clear in the explanation. If you have some question or comment, please post.

That’s all folks,



Blogger Ross Cameron said...

Hi there,...

I'm nwe to using Singl.eView (Jnr. ES) but would like to find out whats the chances we can stir the user network up and start a SUG (Singl.eView Users Group) kinda how the Linux/UNIX/BSG users communicate.

Would you be interested? Any thoughts?

Blogger jdominguezb said...

Hi Ross. First of all, there are more forums than this, for example the singl.eview forum
.I think that this has a very low activity.
Intec has also a Users Group that is opened to all the users of Intec products. You could find more information here
I don´t know actually which is the activity of this group.
Actually the contributions in the Internet about Singl.eView are very few and it seems that there isn´t a lot of interest in this. Anyway i think that your suggestion could be good.
Furthermore, if you want to ask for something, you can post a comment here or send me an e-mail to jdominguezb@gmail.com. And one more thing, I don´t work for Intec, I am only a user.

Blogger shweta said...

I'm using CB600 pack and wuold like to know about the Tuxedo 3622 error related to TPESVCERR.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi this was an good info... i have heard that singl.eview has been launched can u tell what new eatures has been added in this version and wht are the merits and demerits of this


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