Three interesting news

The first, One interest article about the price of SMS here, Why are the SMS so expensive?

The second, Martin Dawes will provide the billing systems to O2. You can see it in this article (oss news review).

And the last, eServ has had a very white, white Christmas. The company announces that with his messaging system his clients have achieved the
100% of the messages delivery for a record peak of SMS and MMS traffic over the holiday period. Across eServGlobal’s client base, end users sent over 1.5 billion messages during the 11 days over Christmas and New Year, and one client experienced a peak of 2500 messages per second at the height of activity
More information in this link...

As perhaps you know. eServ provides the SCP (service control point) that in some Singl.eView implementations are integrated with the CE (commerce engine) to achieve real time rating. Anyone knows this software? anyone has experience with this architecture?



Anonymous venkat said...


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